Dont eat this, crazyyy iyyy, sick

Our fans know who we are Ok, so screw the rest

We are twins, so wherever we go we’ve always got each other. We are never lonely. We have always got each other. If we didn’t have each other it’d be kinda, like, weird.

Edward is my best friend and he means everything to me
I signed such much girls…CD’s
I don’t really where a watch because everyone asks you for the time.
I feel that I’m always the one talking.
Through snow, through famine John and Edward emmerged.
That costs loads of money and John just jumped over it.
I’m John - and I’m Edward. And together we’re John and Edward.
We’d love to date a fan

John: I’m John
Edward: …You Know

Why do you think we’re AC/DC?
The thing about it is when you’re in the bottom two..
You just have to…you know not be…when you’re in the bottom two.. you can’t be like, oh my god I’m in the bottom two, you just have to say…oh I’m in the bottom two…
Photo of us in the bin, let’s go!